Love, Justice, and Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and strive to be conscious and thoughtful about our impact on the planet and community. We use as much recycled and repurposed material as possible—including the raw material for our accessories, our tools and studio supplies, and our packaging—and are always looking for ways we can improve our methods. We strive to be a Zero Waste studio, with practices that include saving all brass scraps for recycling & reuse, reusing packaging, etc.

MATERIALS: We primarily use vintage/deadstock/upcycled materials. (Deadstock refers to materials that were commercially produced but never sold to consumers.)  We are constantly looking for new suppliers that can help us reach our goal of using primarily vintage, deadstock, and repurposed materials. 

We work primarily with unplated raw brass, because the process of plating metals can be toxic for both the wearer and the community where industrial plating processes takes place. In addition, brass can be polished with nontoxic household items such as lemons, ketchup, and vinegar, while many other metals require toxic/chemical polishers. We use olive oil rather than petroleum-based waxes to prevent tarnishing. Learn more about how to care for brass jewelry here.

PACKAGING: We use repurposed bubble wrap, cardboard, and mailers; promotional materials are printed on recycled paper.