BOTH AND collar chains, with hand-stamped brass triangles



BOTH/AND collar chains, sweater clips, collar clips….either way, these are the perfect accessories for dashing dandies, fabulous femmes, and everyone in between & beyond!

These collar chains feature hand-stamped brass triangles with swooping vintage brass chains. Chains look great connecting collared shirts or cardigan sweaters, but can also be worn anywhere on your outfit or bag as a double pin.

The topmost chain — as featured in the photos — is 5″. Choose which length of chain is best for you!

☾☾☾ BRASS ☽☽☽ Our metal-stamped collar chains are made of brass (copper + zinc). Unlike plated jewelry—which can quickly become dull as the plating wears off—brass can be polished with natural household items like vinegar or ketchup! And raw, unplated metals are better for your body and the planet. Brass will develop an aged patina over time; some people prefer this look, and some prefer to polish it back to a shine–it’s up to you! Learn more about brass at

☾☾☾ MADE BY HAND ☽☽☽ We stamp each piece by hand, one letter at a time. Small variations (in letter placement, spacing, or depth) add character to the piece and showcase its nature as a unique item made by hand and not by a machine. Each item is cut, filed, sanded, stamped, and polished by hand by the two artists (not in a sweatshop!) When you shop Wild Fancy, you are supporting queer artists who are trying to make fabulous work in the most sustainable way. Plus, our brass accessories can be polished, unlike cheaper plated jewelry.

☾☾☾ SIMILAR PIECES ☽☽☽ Check out our shop for other versions of this design (pins, necklaces, earrings, & other accessories.) Want a different word, font, or style? Custom orders always welcome!

☾☾☾ SHIPPING ☽☽☽ Orders will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Please see Shipping Upgrades section for Priority Mail & other options:

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